Meet New Oxford Interior Designer Emily Sanders Taylor

We have a new(ish) face at SummerHouse | Oxford who you just HAVE to meet soon! Newlywed Emily Taylor (well, she’s actually getting married this weekend – congrats, girl!) is so much fun and is SUPER talented. We love having her on the team and are excited for you to get to meet her! Emily and I have actually known each other for years and have worked together on several events and parties. I truly love this girl. She’s incredible, has a fabulous eye for design, and is very hard working. Check out her designer bio here, then get to know her on a more casual level right here, right now… 🙂

Emily Sanders Taylor, Interior Designer at SummerHouse | Oxford Can you tell us a little about you? Where you’re from, where you went to school, about your family, all that good stuff…

I graduated from Ole Miss in 2011 with a degree in Hospitality Management and moved to Jackson to work in the event planning industry. In 2015, I moved to Oxford to pursue my own wedding planning business and, truthfully, a guy. Fortunately, I’m marrying that guy in just a few days!

Can you give us your professional/design history in a nutshell?

My dad was a contractor. As I grew up, we renovated our house several times. I remember laying the hardwood floors in my kitchen in junior high and the sense of pride that came with it, just as an example. Design has always been in the back of my mind.

Is there a particular piece on the showroom floor right now that you’re particularly loving? What do you love about it?

I love our Willow sofa. It is tailored, clean, and could work in so many different spaces. I am also loving our antique wood chest. They each speak to me so much!

If you could visit anywhere in the world for a week, where would it be and why?

France and Italy! We are going for our honeymoon and want to explore off the beaten path a bit so that we can fully experience the culture.

How do you describe your personal design style?

I love “updated traditional.” I like using statement pieces that are timeless and can be paired with your grandmother’s antique chest and a few more trendy accessories. I love for homes to feel cozy and to have many layers of texture.

What’s your favorite source of design/style inspiration?

I look at interior design coffee table books and magazines all day long!! There is a whole stack on my desk.

How do you take your caffeine?

I don’t…. I’m the one crazy person that doesn’t drink coffee or sodas!

What’s a little known fact about you that makes you different?

I’ve owned a wedding planning business for almost 4 years. I feel like this has taught me so much about spatial awareness and functionality. I want all pieces to serve a purpose while looking beautiful.

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I can personally speak to Emily’s incredible eye for design. You should have seen the baby shower she planned that we had at my house a few years ago. I just completely let her do everything and rearrange furniture as she needed. Then I left a lot of it where she moved it because I liked it so much better. And I’ve worked in this field since I graduated college eleven years ago! I know y’all will love Emily when you meet her if you haven’t yet. Stop by SHOX as soon as you can and shake her hand! 🙂

Hope all of you have a fantastic week.

Lots of Xs and Os from maternity leave,


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