Meet Our Fabric Librarian, Jaclyn!


JACLYN PETTYMeet one of the newest members of our ever-growing SummerHouse family!

Jaclyn Petty, our outstanding part-time Fabric Librarian, answers a few questions for us so we can get to know her just a little better!

Q: In a nutshell, tell us what you do up here at SummerHouse!
A: I am the Fabric Organizer/Librarian! In a nutshell, I maintain the fabric library by organizing samples and reference materials, adding new information as needed, and deleting dated info.

Q: Where did you to go college and what did you major in?
A: I graduated from Mississippi State University in May 2012 with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts with an emphasis in Graphic Design.

Q: What’s your favorite spring trend this year?
A: All the new spring colors and patterns. Bright florals and polka dots are so adorable.

Q: What’s your favorite movie these days?
A: Oooh My favorite recent movie would have to be Life of Pi. It was such a great book and the movie was just unforgettable. The 227 days at sea are a test of physique, mental adaptation and faith, and Suraj Sharma makes Pi’s spiritual journey as convincing as his nautical one. So beautiful!

A sample of Jac's mad organization skills!
A sample of Jac’s mad organization skills!

Q: If you could choose one artist to listen to 24/7, who would it be?
A: Beyonce, of course

Q: What’s your favorite way to enjoy caffeine?
A: Coffee! Isn’t that the only way?

Q: Got any fun trips planned for the summer?
A: I actually recently bought Beyonce tickets for her concert in July. You have no idea how excited I am!

Q: What else do we need to know about you?! Spill it!!
A: I love painting in my spare time. Abstract landscapes is one of my favorite things to paint!

Thank you, Jaclyn, for coming in every day and tackling the sometimes-daunting (actually, often-daunting!) resource library with a smile on your face! We love having you up here!

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