Meet Our Intern Katie Coit

We are SO lucky up here this summer! Not only do we have one great intern at our Ridgeland shop, but we have two fabulous interns! Emily Simmering and Katie Coit have done an amazing job of getting new project binders organized, getting fabric samples neatly folded, and doing research on upcoming projects among other things!

Today, we want you to meet Katie! This cute girl has been so much fun to get to know, so we want you to get the chance to get to know her too! She might even be along on a home visit or two with some of our designers, so heads up! 🙂

SummerHouse Interior Design Intern Katie CoitTell us a little about yourself! 

I grew up in Flowood, MS, and I graduated from Jackson Preparatory School in 2013.  I will be returning to Mississippi State University in the fall to complete my final year in the Interior Design program!

What made you want to go into Interior Design?

When I was growing up, I always loved and appreciated aesthetically pleasing spaces and how they made me feel.  I liked to study buildings and rooms by how they were constructed, designed, decorated, etc. I decided during my senior year of high school that I wanted to pursue a career in Interior Design so that I could create living and work environments that would make people enjoy their surroundings.

What’s your favorite publication to go to for design inspo and why?

I have acquired quite the magazine collection over the years with subscriptions to Veranda, Interior Design Magazine, Architectural Digest, and others. I tear out pages from the magazines that inspire me and put them in a journal I started in high school. I also spend my spare time on Houzz and Pinterest.

How would you describe your personal design style?

My design style is full of neutral colors…. My friends love to comment on the rare occasion where I end up wearing color or selecting something that has color on it (I blame years of shopping at Limited Too when I was younger for my phobia of colors.) I love spaces and pieces that are timeless. I also love for my spaces to be clean and organized. So, I guess you should imagine a white room with timeless furniture and everything in its place, and you would have my style in a nutshell.

What Interior Design class has been your favorite and why?

In our studio class last fall, we were all assigned different countries to research and design a restaurant for.  We had a day where we had to bring in a dish from our country and share with the class what we researched and how it impacted the design of our restaurant. My partner and I were given Japan, and we created a contemporary sushi bar based off of an old castle in Osaka, Japan.

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So fun, Katie! No wonder we like you so much 🙂
Stay tuned for an interview with Emily coming soon! And thanks for stopping by today! We hope you had the BEST weekend!

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