Meet Todd Prince

Our newest designer Todd Prince

Help us welcome our newest designer to SummerHouse… Mr. Todd Prince! Todd is a Mississippi native and has just moved back from California to be closer to family, and of course to take one of the most exciting jobs in the South: a job as a designer with us!! 🙂 We love having Todd around to help balance out our heavily weighted female staff!

To help you get to know Todd a little better, we asked him a few questions…

Laurel: Can you give us a nutshell of your background in interior design?

Todd: I opened Todd Prince interiors in Jackson in 1997. I then worked at JTM tile in Jackson before going to work with Walker Zanger Tile and Stone in June of 2000. I worked for Walker Zanger for 11 years. I worked as the branch manager of the Walker Zanger in Atlanta, San Francisco and Orange County, CA.

Laurel: Even though we know you can design around whatever look it is that your client is going for, what is your personal design style? 

Todd: My personal style is probably a throw back to the 50’s modern style.  I love retro pieces mixed into interiors.  I think they give rooms a fresh updated feel when mixed with items that are more transitional.  I do love eclectic interiors that are interesting and textural.

Laurel: So far, what’s been the hardest part about moving back to MS from California?

Todd: What I miss most about CA is the weather!!  There is very little humidity there unlike Mississippi.  It is very easy to get used to no humidity!!

Laurel: What really gets your creative juices flowing? A certain designer’s website, certain types of books, going to certain types of places..?

Todd: I am an avid reader…I love shelter magazines, mystery novels and southern fiction.  I get alot of creativity from reading.  Music is also very inspiring to me.  I love jazz….give me a some Diana Krall and a great glass of wine and I’m good to go!!!!

Laurel: If we were to secretly follow you around on a lazy Sunday, what might we find you doing?!

Todd: If you followed me on a lazy Sunday afternoon you’d find me in the kitchen.  I love to cook.  It relaxes me.  The best part is when you are done relaxing you have great food to enjoy!!!

Laurel: Anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

Todd:  I have a great family.  That is the best part of being back in MS.  Being able to spend time with my family without airplanes involved is great!!!

Thank you so much, Todd!! We are all so excited to have you on the team and can’t wait for all the fun the future holds! 🙂

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