Meet Todd!

Todd Prather
Todd Prather

We have a new member of the SummerHouse team that y’all need to be introduced to! His name is Todd Prather and he is the new SummerHouse Distribution Manager. Here is a little Q&A with Todd…

SummerHouse: Where are you from?
Todd: I was born and raised in Jackson though my wife and I call Clinton home.  We’ve lived there since before we were married (soon be 17 years) and we love the town.

SummerHouse: What is the funniest thing that has happened at the warehouse since you took over?
Todd: I guess that would have to be when a warehouse mate had a table refinished and the technician didn’t set up his ventilation properly.  The overhead roof fans drew the dust all over the whole facility.  We’re still cleaning up from that one.

SummerHouse: What is your favorite place in Jackson to eat and why?
Todd: There are a lot of places that we love to go to.  We really love the lesser known, out of the way places, but for places others would know…For steak, Shapley’s.  Seafood? Probably AJ’s.  We love Char too, but we also try to find the odd places for the more diverse items from time to time.

SummerHouse: What is something funny/different about you that we might not guess?
Todd: I have traveled a lot.  Been pretty much coast to coast in the US and lived in the Netherlands for about 8 months while in college.  I traveled and worked in eight different countries while there and taught at the American School of the Hague also.

SummerHouse: If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why?
Todd: My favorite super hero as a kid was always Wolverine.  Never gets old, heals quick and adamantium claws and skeleton.  Wow, really shouldn’t know that much but I can always blame it on the kids.

SummerHouse: Anything else you want to tell us?!
Todd: I have two great kids, Noah who’s 9 and Bailey who’s 6 and a tremendously talented wife who is a master cake baker.

Now that you know Todd, don’t you love him? We do! Thanks, Todd, for being a good sport and answering these questions! 🙂

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