ORANGE you in love with this color?

Today was a fairly normal day around SummerHouse.  We were all either chipping away at our to-do lists, or working on projects.  As Lisa was working on a little girl’s room, we overheard her say, “You know what? There is something about the color orange that always speaks to me.  I just really respond to that color. It makes me happy!”

If you think about it, orange truly IS an eye-catching color! It evokes positive emotion and just makes people, well… happy!  That got everyone around here thinking about how much we ALL love the color orange.  It is warm, happy, cozy, friendly… The list could go on and on! On top of all of that, it by far the best color to use in a knock-knock joke!

Here are a few snapshots of how some of our design idols have incorporated all different shades of orange into their work…

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