Rathbuns’ Watch List

We are so thrilled to announce that Lisa will be one of the designers at the upcoming Rathbuns’ Watch List event at ADAC in Atlanta on June 4!

The Rathbuns’ Watch List event is the brainchild of celebrated Atlanta chef, Kevin Rathbun, and his brother Chef Kent Rathbun from Dallas to create a platform for emerging stars in the culinary industry.

Chefs love to say that everyone eats and drinks first with their eyes to explain the importance of design and aesthetic in the culinary world. This event marks the synergy between the culinary and design industries by tying emerging culinary talent with design talent to create unique tasting environments that will both highlight and compliment the works of the talent pairings.

Rathbuns' Watch List 2016

This evening event held during the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival showcases the ever-important next generation of Southern talents, draws a sell-out crowd of approximately 300 people, including national and regional media, and provides great media and consumer exposure for participating talent!

Needless to say, it is a huge honor that Lisa has been selected to participate in this event! And we are pumped about the chef she’s been paired with: John Lasater, executive chef of Nashville’s Hattie B’s restaurant. Hot chicken, anyone?!

We are excited about the beautiful selections she’s making for her space. Be on the lookout for more on that very soon!

Interior Designer Lisa Palmer and Chef John Lasater are paired together at Rathbuns' Watch List Event // www.alwayssummerblog.com

If you’re interested in attending this exciting event, grab your tickets here before they sell out!

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