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Do you love that SummerHouse style but are not able to shop our showroom in person?

Well, you are now in luck! Now that our WEB STORE is in full swing, you’re able to shop much of our inventory online and have it shipped right to you! (What did we do before we had the internet/online shopping? Seriously!)

Here’s one look you can shop from anywhere!

Shop this look at

Emory Sofa // Equation Print // Turkish Delight Pillow // Bala Pillow

Shop this look at

Tremont Chair

See something else you like that isn’t available on the web store yet? No worries! Anna, our amaaaazing web store manager, is uploading new product regularly so chances are, the item you love will be available in a short amount of time! In the meantime though, feel free to give us a call to inquire about that item! We are always happy to assist!

Shop more of SummerHouse HERE by clicking on the Shop tab! We hope you love what you find!

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