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The next time you’re flipping through a magazine or scrolling through Pinterest and see a room you love or an item that you just can’t live without, save it! Bring it to us! We have access to hundreds (possibly thousands!) of different lines, many of which often land appearances in design publications. So if you see a style of art that you must have in your home, or a light fixture that you can’t live without, let us try to find it! Or something similar!

We love when clients share rooms that inspire them. It helps our designers get a better feel for what makes our clients happy! And happy clients are the ultimate goal of every single job we do!

Since Keri Russell’s home has been one of the most pinned rooms ever on Pinterest (and with good reason– it’s gorgeous!), we decided to use it to show you what sort of beautiful things we have access to!

Shop Keri Russell's living room at SummerHouse!

We can get any/all of this for you! So next time you see a magazine page that sends you into orbit, let us see it! What inspires you inspires us. We love getting to design for you guys!

Thanks for dropping by today. Hope you’re having a great week!

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