Sitting Pretty

Shop talk with Mitchell and Bob!

Just last week, two of our favorite furniture designers, Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams, were featured on CBS Sunday Morning! The feature outlines their journey of meeting, developing a business plan, and becoming successful as entrepreneurs making pretty and, more importantly, COMFORTABLE furniture! The feature also highlights their unconventional marketing tactics, the perks they offer to those who work for their company (including a day care and a dry-cleaning service!) and what their original business plan was, before it was furniture! (If you guessed something to do with wine and Christmas, you might be right!) To see the full video, click here.

While we’re on the topic of Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, we wanted to remind you that when you buy two or more MGBW casegood pieces, you get 20% off!

Y’all know how much we love and stand behind this line of furniture. And we can all attest to how truly comfortable and family-friendly this line is! Come by the showroom and let us re-introduce you to the beautiful furniture of Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams!

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