Six Stunning Tufted Sofas

Let’s talk tufting.

A tufted sofa is always a winner. It makes a statement, yet it is understated. It’s timeless, yet modern. It’s unexpected, yet blends perfectly with its surroundings. A tufted sofa might be just the thing to take your seating area from mediocre to magnificent with the purchase of just one single piece!

We rounded up six beautiful, yet very different tufted sofas for you to feast your eyes upon today… Which style most steals your heart?!


Six stylin' tufted sofas //




Six stylin' tufted sofas //


Six stylin' tufted sofas //


Six stylin' tufted sofas //


Six stylin' tufted sofas //

Do you love tufting as much as we do!?

Let our designers know if you see something you want to know more about! We are here and happy to help!

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