Stewpot Coat Delivery

Many of you know that we’ve begun a yearly tradition of hosting a coat drive for Stewpot Community Services in downtown Jackson each year at Christmas! This year’s drive was an overwhelming success thanks to all of YOU!

We had a great time delivering the coats and just getting a minute to talk to some of the folks at Stewpot! Thanks to all of you for giving us this opportunity!!

SummerHouse delivers coats to Stewpot Community Services //
Mary at Stewpot with Laurel, Lisa, and Patty!

SummerHouse delivers coats to Stewpot Community Services //

We hope all of you are still feeling the happiness that the Christmas season provides to us! Thanks again for allowing us to serve on your behalf by delivering your generous donations! This is why we LOVE our SummerHouse family SO MUCH!

Find out more about the next way we can serve Stewpot together by clicking here!

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