SummerHouse and Lee Industries Give Back


When we heard about Lee Gives Back, a special month-long event that Lee Industries is putting on during July, we were reminded of why we love this company so much! Not only does Lee produce beautiful, high-quality upholstery, but they care about loving on local dealers and the communities with which these dealers work.

During the month of July, they’ve given each dealer the chance to choose a charity to give back a portion of their proceeds. SummerHouse has chosen Wounded Warrior Project as our charity, so 10% of all of our Lee Industries sales during the month of July will go towards this noteworthy organization!

SummerHouse and Lee Industries give back to Wounded Warrior Project during July 2014 //

Throughout the month, we’ll highlight a few of our favorite Lee products as well as a little more about why we chose Wounded Warrior Project as our charity.

We look forward to working with you in the coming month on furnishing your home with beautiful upholstery all while giving back to a well-deserving charity.

Thank you for your business and support!!

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