SummerHouse Birthday Week


Last week, we celebrated THREE birthdays at SummerHouse! Tina Patel, Stacy Bunch, and Patty Robbins all turned one year older!

SummerHouse Birthday Week!

We had a celebration on Thursday for Tina and Stacy (and Patty in spirit, although she was out for several days last week!) over some wine, cheese, and sweets! Marty did a great job of rounding up some party food for the occasion, and of course the birthday girls all had handmade birthday cards signed by the staff!

SummerHouse Birthday Week!

We aren’t sure what we’d do without Stacy as our assistant office manager keeping orders and payments straight, among so many other things! Stacy is SUCH an important part of this team and we have no idea what we’d do without her!

SummerHouse Birthday Week!

Same for Tina! Tina is the go-to girl up here. Not only does she assist several of the designers with pricing, presentations and organization, but she knows a little bit about everything up here! Where are the extra staples? Where is this finish or that fabric? Who is our contact at that company? Tina always knows the answer! How does she hold so much info in that cute little brain of hers?!

SummerHouse Birthday Week!

And Patty!!! We love us some Patty! She does a phenomenal job of keeping Memphis-based SummerHouse designer Elizabeth Gullett organized in Ridgeland. Patty is the sweetest person up here and everyone just adores her! We sure did miss having her around for the Thursday celebration!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you three beautiful ladies! So thankful for each of you and for everything y’all do! XO!

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