SummerHouse Interior Design


Ok y’all… This is exciting!

Just last week, we launched a brand new website featuring all of our designers and a few of our favorite interior design projects! WWW.SUMMERHOUSEINTERIORDESIGN.COM is now available for your viewing pleasure! Be sure to browse around, share your favorite images on Pinterest and with your friends, and come back and comment with how much you love it!

SummerHouse Interior Design

A few of our favorite features on this brand new beauty…

1. The About Us page…

…particularly this paragraph because it is SO TRUE!

“DESIGN TO US AT SUMMERHOUSE IS IMPORTANT. Maybe not as important as breathing, but somehow we just couldn’t possibly live in a world of bad design. We talk about it. We laugh about it. We revel in it. We are passionate about it. We discuss it and argue it at near nauseating lengths. So, maybe it isn’t as important as breathing, but you wouldn’t know it around the work tables.  All of our projects at SummerHouse are treated equally.”

1. Our Design Team Drop Down Menu

This drop down menu allows you to meet all of our team members and put faces with names! You’ll learn a little about each SummerHouse employee, along with a few “quirks and confessions!” You’ll more than likely learn something you previously did not know about some of us!

SummerHouse Interior Design

3. The ease of navigating our projects

Each project featured on this site is listed in a drop down menu, so once you select a project, scrolling through the photos from that particular interior is a breeze! We’ll be adding new projects soon, so be sure to check back often!

SummerHouse Interior Design

We think Brian did an amazing job on the design of the site, and we’re thrilled to have a brand new place dedicated to nothing but SummerHouse design projects! We hope you love the site as much as we do!

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