That Time Lisa Took Over Traditional Home’s Instagram

You may remember the three day span where our very own Lisa Palmer was solely in charge of Traditional Home’s instagram account!! She did such a good job that we wanted to commemorate those posts here on Always Summer. Each photo below is linked to the original Insta post, so feel free to click and give the post a like if you haven’t already! Many of the posts have even more photos than what we’re showing here, so you’re definitely going to want to flip through those if you haven’t already.

Lisa, we are so proud of the job you did! You showcased your work, our stores, our designers, the Jackson metro area, and Mississippi SO WELL!

Here are Lisa’s posts:

// POST 1 //

Lisa Palmer takes over Traditional Home's Instagram //

Good morning, y’all! I’m @lpdesignlove of @shopsummerhousefrom the wonderful state of Mississippi. I am beyond thrilled to be taking over the Instagram account of @traditionalhomeand showing you around my beautiful city of Jackson, along with stories and anecdotes (I am a true southerner, after all) and giving you a glimpse into an interior designer’s busy life. I’ll even give you a taste of jazz and blues and Mississippi barbecue. Strap on your seatbelts… It’s gonna be a bumpy but enjoyable ride! #designertakeover

// POST 2 //

Lisa Palmer takes over Traditional Home's Instagram //

Hey y’all! It’s me, @lpdesignlove, again for #designertakeover. How about lunch at one of my favorite spots in Jackson? @thepigandpint is barbecue at its best! And you can’t have bbq without pig! (and I’m jewish!) This joint is not for the vegans of the world, but, hey… We have that too! Here you gotta put the feed bag on ‘cause it is eatin’ time! There is a long standing feud about the greatest barbecue. From Mississippi to St. Louis to Memphis to Texas, we ALL think we have the best! But we in Mississippi know we have it locked! To all the interior designers out there, we have to stop and have a good lunch, right? This work is hard!

// POST 3 //

Lisa Palmer takes over Traditional Home's Instagram //

Hey again! @lpdesignlove for the @traditionalhome#DesignerTakeover showing you one of my recent projects that sits in the center of Jackson, Mississippi in one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city. It was a huge renovation for my client, as this Greek Revival home was built in 1950. The rooms were colorful and furnishings were full of pattern and fringes. #WeveAllBeenThere! It was time to make it their home! And… we are always tweaking and adding. That’s the beauty of having a great home, isn’t it? What is interesting about the property is, although it’s in an established neighborhood, my clients have the sweetest Amish chicken coop with live chickens and fresh eggs for their morning omelettes! They even have a couple of peacocks! There is a dog run, an underground knocked out wine cellar, and a small farm all on 8.2 acres. Swipe to see more of this beautiful home. #countrycometotown #alittleofbothworlds#theperfecthome

// POST 4 //

Lisa Palmer takes over Traditional Home's Instagram //

It’s @lpdesignlove from @shopsummerhouse here again for #DesignerTakeover! Art is extremely personal AND important to the overall design of a room. I won’t show a client a piece of art for a space just because it looks good over the sofa. It has to evoke a positive emotional response. They have to LOVE their art. It also has to have the “feel” that I am trying to achieve for the space. I am very fortunate to have amazing art galleries to work with. Not only will I select art from the Jackson area, but just 3 hours south is New Orleans and just east are Birmingham and Atlanta! Here is a project I worked on that I literally built the design around my client’s FABulous art collection. Even the walls are works of art: A local artisan hand painted a lacquered strie in the dining room, and the hand painted stencil on the powder room wall was perfectly executed as far as scale and color palette.

// POST 5 //

Lisa Palmer takes over Traditional Home's Instagram //

Hey all you music lovers! It’s @lpdesignlove from @shopsummerhouse for #DesignerTakeover. Although Interior Design is my number one gig, I’ve been performing on stages around the southeast as a jazz vocalist for over 25 years. To quote one of Mississippi’s greatest sons, B.B.King -“Jazz is the big brother of the blues. If a guy’s playing blues like we play, he’s in high school. When he starts playing jazz, it’s like going on to college”. Mississippi is the true home of the blues and @HalandMals in Jackson is the venue to pop over to to get your jazz and blues fix. Tuesday night is Jazz night and musicians from all over sit in to hone their jazz skills. So, every Tuesday night is different. But that’s jazz. Did you know that Mississippi has more grammy winners than any other state?? Music is in our blood. As a jazz singer I can’t begin to count how many nights I’ve spent at Hal and Mal’s performing. Some of my best memories are within these walls. I think the microphone still has my lipstick stain! 💋#mississippimusic#mississippiculture

// POST 6 //

Lisa Palmer takes over Traditional Home's Instagram //

Color is coming back! 💙 Hey again y’all! @lpdesignlovehijacking @traditionalhome for their #DesignerTakeover! Yesss… color IS back. Whether you love a room with lots of color or just pop your favorite color in an all white room, it always works. Don’t get me wrong… I love an all white room, if it is done correctly, but we have been in need of color for a while now. In this project, I had a client who loves any shade of blue. That is what makes her happy and that is what I did. From azure to cobalt, we incorporated her blue crush as much as possible… and she LOVES her home! Blue is a timeless color and you can use it with abandon! Swipe for more from this beautiful home. Photos by @jallsopp

// POST 7 //

Lisa Palmer takes over Traditional Home's Instagram //

Welcome back @traditionalhome followers!! @lpdesignlove for TH’s #DesignerTakeover here! As the owner and principal designer of SummerHouse in Ridgeland and Oxford MS, I wear a LOT of hats! But the one hat I am most proud to wear is mentoring and working with my staff of 22, who frankly, are the hardest working people I know. 11 are Interior Designers and their design assistants. Their talent is extraordinary and they make me BEYOND proud. (Swipe for more photos of their work.) Our 8800 square foot Ridgeland showroom opened in 2006 and we just brought another SummerHouse to the super cool city of Oxford, MS in December of 2016. (Post about that coming soon!) Running this large operation takes a village for SURE! It just so happens our village is beautifully adorned with skilled, experienced, and wickedly talented individuals!

// POST 8 //

Lisa Palmer takes over Traditional Home's Instagram //

Hotty Toddy from Oxford, Mississippi!! @lpdesignlove in for #DesignerTakeover ‘bout to tell y’all a little bit about this place. A little over a year ago, I made the decision to put my second store location on the square in this quintessentially charming American town. What draws people from all over the world to Oxford? Maybe Ole Miss and tailgating in the grove (NOTHING like it!) Or it could be that it’s the literary center of the south, where Rowan Oak, (pictured) the home of William Faulkner so beautifully sits and more presently, ties to Willie Morris and John Grisham. Or maybe it’s the bars, five star hotels, restaurants and unique shops around the historic square. Or possibly John Currence, the James Beard award winning chef at @bigbadbreakfast and @citygroceryoxford. And you have to put Taylor Grocery on your bucket list! THE best catfish, hushpuppies, turnip greens and good ole bluegrass/gospel played by men as old as your grandpa! HYDR!

// POST 9 //

Lisa Palmer takes over Traditional Home's Instagram //

Let’s talk about gorgeous areas to have al fresco dining! @Lpdesignlove for #DesignerTakeoverhere. There is nothing quite like a warm summer evening. It seriously is my favorite time of the day/year. Especially if you have this back of the house porch that overlooks a lake with a family of white swans! Y’all might recognize this house. This project was featured in the March/April @traditionalhome. I wanted to show you all a little bit more of the spectacular porch that my clients LOVE to relax on and have their evening meals with friends. It was really important for me to provide comfortable lounge seating, and always ample side tables to set drinks on. The large concrete dining table is not only functional, but with our humidity and pollen dust, it is easily cleanable. When my clients entertain, this is where most of the fun people hang out! || 📷: @jallsopp

// POST 10 //

Lisa Palmer takes over Traditional Home's Instagram //

Hello again, TH readers! @Lpdesignlove from @shopsummerhouse for #DesignerTakeover here to tell you about one of Jackson, MIssissippi’s oldest and best corner cafes: the Mayflower Cafe. If anyone saw The Help, you might remember that Skeeter and Stuart had dinner here. They probably had the Redfish Jane or the Breaded Veal Cutlets with Tomato Gravy. Did you know that the director and writer of The Help are both from Mississippi? The coolest thing about this place is that dinner at The Mayflower on a Saturday night is a social event! You seriously run into EVERYONE you know. So… you better carve out enough time for conversation and fellowship and come hungry! #mississippi #themayflower || 📷: @nashker

// POST 11 //

Lisa Palmer takes over Traditional Home's Instagram //

 Happy afternoon! @lpdesignlove from @shopsummerhousefor #DesignerTakeover! I’m dreaming of crawling into this bed after my incredibly busy day! Unfortunately it is not MY bedroom and I’m sure my client would be surprised if she saw me cutting Z’s in her guest room! This room was designed on a budget although it looks like a million bucks. The textural throw at the foot is from @potterybarn and even the paper pendant (which you can’t see in this photo, but you can see in the instastory!) was a super price. The only splurge is the silk velvet pillow on the bed. But… nothing else looks or FEELS like silk velvet! Some things are non-negotiable. 😃 || 📷: @agoodsonphoto

// POST 12 //

Lisa Palmer takes over Traditional Home's Instagram //

@lpdesignlove signing off of TH’s #DesignerTakeover! I hope y’all have enjoyed hanging out with me this week and allowing me to show where and how this city and state have influenced me and my design aesthetic. I am honored to have Traditional Home feature this project on their cover of the March/April edition. THANK YOU for the support. I also feel that I have gained some really good friends. I might just miss this a little! 😢 But I have to get back to work! XXOO #socialmediaisafulltimejob#summerhousestyle

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What a fun takeover! Be sure to follow Lisa at @lpdesignlove, SummerHouse at @shopsummerhouse, and Traditional Home at @traditionalhome!

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