THE BIG REVEAL: A Big Success!

Thank you to everyone who came to THE BIG REVEAL on Tuesday night! We had a great turnout and saw lots of new faces! Now that this event is behind us, time to move on to the next one! We have a couple of things in the works so we will definitely keep you posted on what we come up with next!  Here are a few shots from the party:

Melanie did a beautiful job arranging the flowers!

Door prizes!
Viking did a great job on the food

Mini strawberry and chocolate tortes by Viking. Yummy!

Mike Williams and his adorable wife!

Lisa Palmer, Judy Denson, Elizabeth Gullett

Phyllis Geary and Dotty Butts

Barbara Sulser, Vicki Overstreet, Betty Wells

Lisa Palmer, Will Longwitz, Brian Ramsey, Beth Black
Katie and Taylor Phillips
Bill and Camille Morris, parents of Kathryn Trotter (Our new artist!)

Trent and Elizabeth Gullett
We love Dyann Gunter!

Chip Walker, Michele Myers, Tony Antoon

Carla Palmer and Shelia Myles

Christy Crockett White, Catherine Payne, Kim McCormack

Back Row: Melanie McGee, Laurel Donahoo, Katie Phillips, Elizabeth Gullett, Beth Black. Front Row: Marty Smith, Betsy Pevey, Lisa Palmer, Meagan Burks

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