The Lifetime of a Furniture Investment

Today, SummerHouse Interior Designer Elish Moon takes the stage to talk a little bit about the life of a piece of furniture and why good furniture from SummerHouse is worth the investment. We love what Elish shares and we think you will too!

The Lifetime of a Furniture Investment //

“So we have entered this era where interior design is trending and more and more accessible. In response, there are more designers, online retailers, and pop up stores than directions to turn. They’ve all got pretty pieces, unique pieces, stylish pieces. How on earth do you make a decision? Well let me share a few insider tips that might make your decision making a hair easier.

Summerhouse has been in business over a decade and is locally owned and operated. That means each piece, each line, each vendor we carry is very specifically chosen for our client and our locale. We’re not a big box store, we aren’t marketing to the masses, and our consumer lives next door, works with us, or runs into us at the local market. What does that mean? We have to sell a product we can stand behind, that is quality, and that will surpass the test of time. I as a designer am incredibly selective about what I sell to my clients. The performance of what I sell is not only a reflection of the vendors we put our names behind but a reflection of my expertise! Many potential clients are scared about making their first big “design investment”. Here are a few common misconceptions that I hear often:

1. “I have kids. And a dog. They eat macaroni and cheese on this. There’s no way I’m purchasing a nice sofa. We’ll get one when they’re grown.”
This makes me cringe. Why can’t you have kids and pets AND a nice sofa? It’s 2017…didn’t you know you can have it all!? If you are buying a “throwaway sofa” it may have to be replaced in a few years. You’ll end up spending the same amount (probably more, actually) continually replacing your “temporary” sofa as you would in the nice one! You can purchase a sofa that has a lifetime warranty on the frame, well made cushions, etc.. and just make smart choices on the fabric. Get a slipcovered sofa that is washable. Order your sofa in a performance fabric. The options are endless! You can live your life (the real one…baby spit up and all) and still be comfortable in your own home. I promise.

2. “Bar stools are how much?! Why?”
What are some of the most used pieces of furniture in your home? Sofa, bar stools… Doesn’t it make sense that a piece you use every single day might need to be high quality so it can take the abuse? Often those “bargain stools” (you know what I’m talking about) are poorly constructed, glued together, stools that got imported here on a container. They cannot hold significant weight, are not engineered for long lasting durability or stability, and wear much more quickly than an american made, hand constructed, piece. All furniture is not created equal y’all.

The Lifetime of a Furniture Investment //

3. “I saw this item online for less and it’s the same item you have in your store???”
This is a tough one. I’ll be honest… sometimes the same item IS out there for less, but there is SO much value built into everything we sell that goes beyond the item itself. You have a designer’s expertise built in to every piece you purchase from Summerhouse. We’re here to help you select the best item that fits you and your lifestyle. We’re here to make sure that the piece fits in your space. We’re weighing all the variables and spending our time to narrow down options and save you time. We’re making sure pieces arrive safely, scheduling your delivery, placing things correctly. We’re the client’s safety net keeping them from making costly mistakes. You get so much more than a product when you purchase from Summerhouse. We stand behind every single thing that comes through our showroom and warehouse. You get an experience that is custom tailored to you and your home. Isn’t that a worthy investment?”

The Lifetime of a Furniture Investment //

So there you have it! Thank you so much, Elish, for all of this!

We would absolutely love to get to help you on your next interior design project, no matter how big or how small! Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about us. We hope to get to work with you soon!

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