The Staff’s Web Store Favorites


Have you visited our new web store yet? It’s up and running (and looking gorgeous!)

Next time you head to the online shop, be sure to keep an eye out for our staff’s favorite items! We got our designers and support staff to share a little about why they love certain pieces and even got some insight on how a few of them would style the items in their own homes! Let’s see what everybody picked!


Favorite Item: Modern Square End Table

SummerHouse Design Staff's favorites from the web store

“I love an acrylic piece mixed into any space with antique or french style pieces.  I love the juxtaposition of both old and new.”


Favorite Item: Gareth Sculpture

SummerHouse Design Staff's favorites from the web store

“My favorite item is the Gareth Sculpture because I am a fan of anything with horns and anything with gold or brass! It is so right now!”


Favorite Item: Henry Fireplace Tool Set
SummerHouse Design Staff's favorites from the web store

“Some pieces are just a necessity in every home, and I’m always looking for those that can be beautiful AND functional. When the item is constantly on display, it’s even more important. What was once an eyesore can become another layer in your room. The edgy, beautiful modernity of these iron fire tools creates a piece of art…. Definitely a real winner!!”


Favorite Item: Tremont Chair

SummerHouse Design Staff's favorites from the web store

“My absolute favorite thing on the web store would have to be the lovely Tremont Chair!
The gilded iron chair frame paired with a white linen tightly upholstered seat and back cushion is the perfect chair for almost any living, keeping, or bedroom setting! This chair upholstered in a white hide would be fabulous! I will admit, it’s not the most comfortable, but beauty is pain, and this chair is worth it!”


Favorite Item: Fawn Observation Print

SummerHouse Design Staff's favorites from the web store

“My husband is a big deer hunter, and we both love art, so this print would be perfect in our home! Those colors and the style speak to me, and he would love the subject matter! I’m envisioning this hanging on one of the big walls in our breakfast room! It would be stunning!”


Favorite Item: Gazelle Horn Plaque

SummerHouse Design Staff's favorites from the web store

“I adore these Gazelle Horns! I actually already own them and have them hanging over my bed. They were my first ever Summerhouse purchase! I tend to go a little luxe, but love influences from nature. I have these hanging over my upholstered blue headboard with antique nailhead. The horns are flanked by b+w photos of my grandfather when he was in the navy. Captures my style perfectly.”


Favorite Item: Tampa Pewter Swivel Chair

SummerHouse Design Staff's favorites from the web store

“There are several great components to why I love this chair! The leather is simply splendid, the comfort is beyond perfection & the style is captivating. Are you ready for the icing on the cake???…. It’s a swivel chair! Oh how I heart a swivel chair!! The great thing about it being a swivel chair is that it’s perfect for conversational areas. The perfect “home” for this chair would be in a keeping area, living room or bedroom, even an office would be suitable. The fact that you can “swivel” 360 degrees makes it very functional for conversation areas of a space.”


Favorite Item: Balustrade Table Lamp

SummerHouse Design Staff's favorites from the web store

“This lamp is elegant, sophisticated, and transitional. It is gorgeous on its own and even more beautiful in a pair!”


Favorite Item: Antique Oak Cabinet

SummerHouse Design Staff's favorites from the web store

“I love the Antique Oak Cabinet because it’s a one-of-a-kind.  I would use this in my keeping/breakfast room to create an interesting and strong focal point in the space!”


Favorite Items: Emory Sofa // Dior Couture Book // Tom Ford Book // Gazelle Horn Plaque // XXXL Cowdide Rug // Dean Chandelier // Quartz Cluster Votive Candle Holder // Phyllo Pillows

SummerHouse Design Staff's favorites from the web store

“These are some of my favorite items on our web store, and I think the combination is a good representation of my personal style. The brown velvet sofa paired with the textured pillows would look great with my (always growing) vintage pillow collection, and the faux bois and gold combination of the chandelier would be an excellent addition to ANY home (but especially mine!). As you can tell by the gazelle horn mount, cow hide rug, and crystal votive, I like elements that have a somewhat natural feel. I love pairing things like the gazelle horn mount with softer elements, such as fresh flowers… Everywhere if possible! As a photographer, the Dior Couture and Tom Ford coffee table books are just no brainers! Throw all of this in a living room, add floor to ceiling windows, my vintage pillow collection, fresh flowers, and I might never leave.”

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Go ahead and start picking out what YOUR favorite item in the web store is because choosing one just might win you a SummerHouse prize pack! Details coming next week… Get excited!

And have a GREAT weekend!

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