The SummerHouse Family’s Holiday Traditions, Part 2

Earlier this week we shared a few of our staffs’ favorite holiday traditions/memories! Now it’s time for the rest of them! 🙂

The SummerHouse family's holiday traditions and favorite memories //


I have different traditions with each of my parents. With my mom, we always make hot chocolate and drive around different Madison neighborhoods looking at lights and listening to Christmas music.

We tend to celebrate typical Irish Christmas traditions on my dad’s side since he is from Belfast. My dad usually brings over holiday “poppers” and candy from Ireland. Around 6 years ago, I created a “Rooney Christmas Book” full of Christmas stories and songs and had dad bring it to my Granny and Granda for Christmas. Ever since then, my family gathers around and reads it together. It’s kinda like a representation of us being present with the rest of the family since we are so far apart during the holidays!

The SummerHouse family's holiday traditions and favorite memories //

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Every year, the week of Christmas, all the women on my mom’s side (we are at 10 now) get together and spend a whole day (sunrise till well into the night) making candies, cookies, and treats like home made chex mix and trail mixes, fudge, and popcorn balls! It is always fun and gets everyone in the family spirit for the holidays!


As a child I have memories of our season starting with us all going to pick out the Christmas tree and coming back to decorate together.  I have already continued this tradition in my family: we all went together to find a tree the Sunday after Thanksgiving! And we always ride around on Christmas Eve to see the Christmas lights!

The SummerHouse family's holiday traditions and favorite memories //
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As a child my Christmas memories are of my family going to pick out our real tree and coming home to decorate it.  My dad always made wassail and it was so much fun pulling out the ornaments to trim the tree.  Mom and I finished by decorating every room of the house with Santas, nutcrackers, and snowmen.  We also always had a Nativity that I helped put out on the coffee table.  Now that I have my own family we also all decorate the tree together. My boys love to help me put ornaments on our tree and figure out where to put all of the Santas!


One year my family somehow ended up getting three christmas trees and ever since then we have to have 3 threes! Also, we love the Elf on the Shelf.  We always try and see which family member can come up with the most creative thing for the elf to do!

You can get to Part 1 here in case you missed it!

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