The Voice Viewing Party


Lisa’s son, BRIAN FUENTE, is officially a star!! In case you missed The Voice on Monday night, Brian auditioned with the song Paris by Grace Potter, and he ended up on Team Blake! (Blake Shelton, that is.) We could not be more excited for him!


Lisa invited a bunch of people over to her house to watch Brian’s national television debut over a glass of wine and some sandwiches. To make things even more exciting, WLBT showed up to do a news story on Brian/Lisa! Since Brian’s segment wasn’t until the very end, Roslyn Anderson and her awesome camera man watched the whole show with us. We had a blast!



If you saw the show, you know that we didn’t get to see quite as much of Brian as we saw of some of the other contestants. BUT, we there is video over on so we can see what would have been on the show, had time allowed…

There is a video of his full performance somewhere, but NBC seems to have taken it down for now… Once we re-find it, we’ll post it for you!

Be sure to watch the next episode on Monday at 8/7c to see who else ends up on Brian and Blake’s team!

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