Looking for something fun to do tonight? Join us at The Auditorium for a live show featuring Shelley Fairchild, Jason Turner, and our very own BRIAN FUENTE!! (In case you’re a little behind, Brian is Lisa’s son! He made it past the blind auditions on NBC’s The Voice and moved onto the battle rounds where he went up against Jordis Unga.)

Brian Fuente
Brian Fuente

Brian was kind enough to work in an interview with us, despite his crazy schedule! We has some questions for him about the show… 🙂

SummerHouse: We were so excited to see you make it on to the Battle Rounds on The Voice!!! When Blake first told you that you were paired with Jordis, what thoughts came to your head?

Brian: Thank you! When I found out I was going to battle Jordis, I wasn’t as shocked of course as they make it appear on TV but more shocked of the song selection. The battle rounds in my opinion are the worst part of the show, it was so weird to “battle”.

SummerHouse: We saw a tweet from The Voice saying you and Jordis became BFF on the show. Do ya’ll still keep in touch?

Brian: Jordis and I do still keep in touch. Not as often as we should because we are both so busy, but we do text back and forth every now and then. She’s a sweetheart.

SummerHouse: What was the most fun part of being involved in the show?

Brian: The best part of the show was performing at the Blind Auditions. There is nothing more suspenseful, there’s just absolutely nothing quite like it. So many nerves not knowing if anyone is going to turn around. When Blake turned around, I swear, it didn’t even really hit me until after my performance. Knowing that I was continuing on was such a relief.

SummerHouse:  What would you say is the most valuable thing you walked away with?

Brian: I walked away with amazing friendships, thousands of new fans internationally and a new me. I am now doing what I love and that is doing music full time and I owe it to the show for changing my life forever.

SummerHouse: Do girls scream and want your autograph everywhere you go now? 🙂

Brian: Too funny, I do get stopped often when I am out and people ask “Wait, is your name Brian? Are you that guy from The Voice?”

SummerHouse: Where can we next expect to see the name “Brian Fuente” in lights?!

Brian: I am currently seeking out the right producer to produce and record my new record. My number one goal right now is to put my music in America’s face. I plan to record an EP within the next month or two. After that, my goal is to get on a tour as a supporting act for a major artist.

SummerHouse: Anything else you want to share with our readers?

Brian: We will be playing The Duling School in Jackson TONIGHT, April 7! My good friends Jason Turner and Shelly Fairchild will be joining us. Jason is a Jackson native and Shelly lives here in Nashville with me but originally from Clinton. Going to be one great night of music! Looking forward to playing at home…it’s been too long!

Also, I will be playing the Gulfport Music Festival on May 20 with Maroon 5, Gym Class Heroes and Cobra Starship. This is an opportunity that I wouldn’t have had if I wouldn’t have made it to the Voice.

Ok, that is really cool, Brian! We’re so excited for you and will contine to ask you questions so our followers can know what you’re up to!

[[ good luck tonight! ]]

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