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Great interior design is an investment. There is no doubt about that! And we all know that the wisest investments are the ones that will take us the furthest. That’s why SummerHouse style is such a worthwhile investment! We love to pick pieces that we have heard best described as “modern, traditionally speaking.” This simply means that we pick classic pieces that are updated to meet the standards of today’s style! Our pieces will last you well into the coming years without losing an ounce of style. In this edition of Web Store Wish List, we’ve picked out a few of our favorite updated classics!

UPDATED CLASSICS via alwayssummerblog.com

From top left, going clockwise

Brass Cafe Table Lamp | $760

“Changing Lanes” art series by Carol Sneed ( one // two // three // four ) | $375 each

Hospitality Swivel Chair | $2220

Tic Tac Toe Pillow | $240

Small Artisan Chest | $3910

Beetle Travertine Box | $300

Head on over to summerhousestyle.com to see more “modern, traditionally speaking” pieces! We think you’ll like what you find! 🙂

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