Web Store Wish List: Happy Home Scents

We hope you guys are having a great week!

Today our web store wish list is all about happy home scents! Now that holiday decorations (including candles!) are mostly up and packed away, the post holiday blues might be starting to set in. These candles are here to combat that! Add some freshness to your home with these happy smells! These are some of our absolute favorites!

Happy Home Scents // www.alwayssummerblog.com

1 // Pool House: French Lilac // $59
2 // Essence of Florets Rare Botanic Candle // $50
3 // Pulp Candle // $56
4 // Game Room: Blue Bamboo // $59
5 // Carriage House: Magnolia Cypress // $59
6 // Gilded Leaves Rare Botanic Candle // $50
7 // Office: Rosemary Eucalyptus // $59
8 // Media Room: Spike Lavender // $59

 Shop more of our home scents online, or shop all of them in-store! 🙂

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