Web Store Wish List: The Sky Is The Limit


Our web store wish list today is all about the color blue! And since it’s been a little gray around here lately with lots of clouds and rain, we find ourselves wishing for some blue skies!

Shop all of this (plus so much more) at www.summerhousestyle.com. And follow the links below to get to these specific items!

The Sky Is The Limit - Web Store Wish List // shop all of this at www.summerhousestyle.com

Clockwise from top right:

The Joy Of Decorating // $50
Abstract Landscape by Austin James // $195
Exeter Chair // $2256 (ON SALE!)
Light San Marco Pillow // $180
Agate Bookends // $140
Culloden Pebbled Aquamarine Table Lamp // $620
Turqouise Snakeskin Box // $290

See something you love? It can be yours! 🙂

Thanks so much for stopping by- have a great rest of the day!

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