What Sets SummerHouse Apart?

What is SummerHouse?

SummerHouse is a beautiful place that acquired its name after owner Lisa Palmer spent a week vacationing in Florida’s renown 30A several years back. The vibes she got while on that sunny stretch of heaven on earth were the vibes she wanted to deliver to the clients of her growing interior design business. She loved the way their rental house for that summer week made her feel.

SummerHouse 🙂

Fast forward several years and not only is SummerHouse a business where Lisa Palmer makes clients happy, or a showroom that inspires its visitors with its unique mix of modern, classic, funky, and soft. It’s also a design family. SummerHouse has grown to employ seven interior designers, and that is what makes us unique! We are not just a store. We’re not just a design group. We are a design HOUSE! We sell directly off the floor. Our design services are free to those who purchase from us. Our designers are all trained designers with degrees in their field!

The SummerHouse Designers

SummerHouse is a powerhouse of talent! Our designers care. They love their work and it shows. They love detail. They value superior client service. They go the extra mile. They listen to those for whom they design.

SummerHouse is special. We’d love the opportunity to show you a SummerHouse experience. We will work within your budget to deliver maximum style and maximum satisfaction. And we look forward to doing so!

Come in and meet Lisa, Katy, Mary Courtney, Katie, Lindsey, Elish, and Katherine. Any of these talents will work their hardest to make you happy! We can’t wait to see you!

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