What You May Not Know About The Lauren Lachance Collection


The Lauren Lachance Collection Trunk Show is only a week away! We’re getting really excited about the pieces that they’re bringing (they actually just sent us a long list!), so we can’t wait to mingle with Lauren and Eduardo and talk plants! As we’ve gotten to know more and more about their collection, the more interesting they become. Here are some fun facts highlighting what we’ve learned!

What you may not know about The Lauren Lachance Collection…

– The Lauren Lachance Collection is the largest collection of plant pressings in the world!

LAUREN LACHANCE ART AT SUMMERHOUSE– Artist Lauren Lachance and her husband Eduardo Benitez of Texas are the masterminds behind the beautiful Lauren Lachance Collection.

– Pressed botanical art blends seamlessly alongside transitional and contemporary art and furnishings, and never fails to capture attention. We know this from experience! Our clients love it!

– Lauren and Eduardo use hand selected organic plant material from around the globe to use in their art.

– The plants in the new collection that will be showcased here at SummerHouse on October 10 were largely harvested last winter along the coastline from Naples, Florida to New Orleans, Louisiana. Get ready to see tropical leaves, sea grasses, and swamp lilies in their new collection, in addition to flowers, lotus hydrangeas, orchids, and ferns from their existing collection!

– On gathering plants last winter, Eduardo says, “We loved every minute of our six week trip: Kayaking inter coastal river ways to gather swamp specimens, and other endless hours wading and walking through overgrown brush along roadsides and empty inlet islands.”  Quite the adventurers they are!

– Their orchid art pressings grace the halls of Harvard University and have been shown at the Chicago and New York Botanic Gardens. Impressive, wouldn’t you say?!

Botanical Pressed Art by Lauren Lachance // SummerHouse – In April, Lauren and Eduardo will be guests of honor at The Nature Conservancy’s first annual fund raiser in Scottsdale, Arizona alongside world renowned floral designer Remco van Vliet of the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art.

– The tropical leaves, orchids, seaweed and wildflowers are pressed and preserved in a labor intensive process that creates original, archival, museum-quality pieces of art.

– The orchid art authentically depicts endangered or extinct species, which are reproduced using a variety of tropical plant material.

– Hanging on our walls at the store during the show will be, among many, two very important pieces from last winter’s Gulf Coast adventure: A triptych of tropical palms and fronds, each panel measuring 44″ x 64″ inches, and a scene from the Everglades Canopy measuring 6′ x 9′.

– Their most challenging commission was a series of eight 12′ high Palm fronds for a palatial hallway! It took over six months just to find the different palms and another several months to complete the drying process!

– Lauren and Eduardo love what they do!

Don’t miss the ALL DAY trunk show on October 10th, starting at 10 a.m., then join us for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. and chat with the artists themselves! We look forward to seeing you!

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