Why Hire A SummerHouse Designer?

Why should you hire a SummerHouse designer? Our owner and lead designer Lisa Palmer answers that question and dispels a few myths that exist about working with us! Keep reading to see what LP has to say on the matter!

“The thought of hiring a designer can be a bit stressful. Will my designer get my style and produce rooms that I will truly love? Will she send me a huge bill? How do I know she will do what she says? What if she doesn’t communicate well? There are so many concerns, so why hire a SummerHouse designer?

Well, to be honest… I think our designers are the best in the area. Truly! A picture tells a thousand words, so the fact that you can see our work on our website’s interior design section and our social media sites like Instagram and Facebook will seriously help in the decision making. Also the fact that we have two stores in Mississippi showcasing a beautiful mix of furniture, accessories, art and bedding, shows our clients who we are. They can see, touch, and experience the quality of the pieces that we stock and can special order. We also work as a team in most cases, so our clients get not only their preferred SH designer, but most often, we will ask opinions from our team members for confirmation that what we are presenting are the best pieces for the spaces. Our many years of experience in the market, our continuing education with our furniture and accessory manufacturers, the fact that our designers are degreed Interior Designers, and our high level of personal client service are all big factors in why hiring a SH designer is a win-win.

Why Hire A SummerHouse Interior Designer? // www.alwayssummerblog.com

As far as the cost of hiring a SH designer, we are great at working within budgets when they are given to us! We carry some high-end lines, yes, but we also have several outstanding “meat and potatoes” manufacturers who make beautiful, quality products at more affordable prices. We do not charge for our time when you are purchasing from us, so you will not receive a bill for our time in addition to the quote you are presented. You know what you are getting and what it will cost before you ever get out your checkbook.

Since we are local, we have a reputation to maintain, if I’m being quite honest! Our clients are not just customers. They are our friends. The people we run into at Kroger. The people our kids are in school with. They’re not just a number to us like they may be to a big box store. It is my goal for every single person who shops with SummerHouse to leave having had a great experience. People talk. So I don’t want to leave any room for them to be able to talk poorly about my baby! (SummerHouse, that is!)

Why Hire A SummerHouse Interior Designer? // www.alwayssummerblog.com

Lastly, to piggyback on that last point, because we are a local business with a great client base, we have grown to a point where our manufacturers care about keeping us really happy! Our business office and warehouse staff are great at dealing with claims, damages, and other not-so-fun areas of the business so our clients don’t have to. When you order from SummerHouse and something comes in dented or broken, we take care of that for you. When you order from a larger retailer, in most cases, YOU will be the one making the claim on the damaged piece, which is no fun for you. We want your furniture buying process to be enjoyable!

We love what we do, we love getting to make a difference in the lives of our clients, and we value your trust. That is why you should hire a SummerHouse designer!”

Find out more about all of the SummerHouse designers here!

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