Why You Need to Watch THE VOICE…

We have some VERY exciting news around here! In case you haven’t heard (or haven’t caught a quick glimpse of him on the previews for the show), Lisa’s son Brian Fuente auditioned for NBC’s The Voice! (The Voice is an incredible concept for a TV show. Learn more about it on NBC.com!) Season 2 of the show premiered last night right after The Super Bowl, and resumes tonight at 8/7 central! We aren’t sure if Brian’s audition will air tonight, or if it will be next week, but the show is worth watching either way!

To learn more about Brian and his music, you can go to his website, www.brianfuente.com or you can search for him on YouTube. We think you’ll like what you see! 🙂

What a rockstar!!

After you check out his website and YouTube videos, be sure to like his page on Facebook so you can get all his up-to-the-minute updates! And don’t forget to watch The Voice tonight at 8/7 central on NBC!

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