You Have Until Sunday!

Have you been out to the Chestnut Hill Designer Show House yet? If not, it’s okay! You still have until Sunday to make your way out to the beautiful Livingston area to tour Firefly Cottage (which is actually the very first house to go up in the Chestnut Hill development!) The house is gorgeous! Particularly the room by SummerHouse…

Firefly Cottage | SummerHouse
Firefly Cottage | SummerHouse

Did you know that, since Lisa was the lead designer, she was in charge of much more than just designing the family room (pictured above)?! She took the plans of this house and added her special touch, taking them from good to great. A few arches here, some killer finishes (both interior and exterior) there, custom hand railing going up the staircase, a fabulous kitchen… All Lisa!

Be sure to visit the Show House, then come back and tell us what you think!
We don’t think you’ll be disappointed 😉

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